Add DPF Technology to Your Winter Preventative Maintenance for Fleets


As winter arrives, it is time to bring in the heavy equipment for repairs and maintenance work. We all know an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, so we won’t dwell on the fact but get straight to the point of how you can ensure that your fleet is ready to operate when you want it to.

Preventative maintenance for fleets in many different industries including construction, agriculture, hydrovac and others is focused around oil and filter changes, greasing the chassis and also inspecting manual components to ensure they don’t wear out prematurely.

A good preventative maintenance program requires keen attention to record keeping, making repairs needed to equipment as well as taking those extra steps to prevent any equipment downtime during the busy season (one example would be cleaning diesel particulate filters).

Depending on how your winter maintenance program works, it is usually most beneficial to do all repairs and maintenance at one time.  We are strongly encouraging folks to add DPF (diesel particulate filter) cleaning to their PM programs and the reason is to prevent downtime for you and your team when your in the field during the busy season.


How much does it cost to have your equipment go down unexpectedly during the busy season?


We had one of our clients tell us that they had a machine go down in the field recently and had to pay $9,000 for a new DPF filter to get it back up and running again (and yes, he is in the process of implementing our winter maintenance program).



DPF Cleaning as Part of Preventative Maintenance

DPF technology was first developed in 2007 and has come a long way since then to be a part of most diesel engines today. The lack of proper maintenance to the aftertreatment system can eventually damage  your DPF filter and can lead to a reduction in fuel efficiency and overall performance of the engine.

DPF replacement can be an extremely expensive procedure, which can be avoided through preventative maintenance in the winter season.

We predict that if you clean the DPF & DOC, it should last the life span of the engine.  


Doing DPF cleaning during the scheduled maintenance time in the winter will allow you to prepare your fleet for the busy season in the summer and ensure smooth operations.



Ultrasonic DPF restoration and DOC cleaning can set up your equipment for a successful summer season. Our Gold Service ultrasonic restoration service will make your filter “like new” by restoring it to 98% of the OE specifications.


The DPF Company offers a proprietary ultrasonic DPF cleaning method that will give you 12 months warranty and a guaranteed clean (if we can’t clean it, you don’t pay). This is an excellent choice over the traditional blast and bake methods that have been used in the past years.


Here is what our customers are saying about our service:

“We are a mixed fleet of about 80 trucks that haul dirt and heavy equipment.  DPF and DOC cleaning is part of our annual 2000 hr CVIP inspection and PM program. Recently we had a DPF that failed the cleaning process at our regular place we send them to. I sent the DPF to The DPF Company in Calgary to try their ultrasonic gold level to see if they could revive the filter. They ran the filter through twice but were able to get it inside the green level of flow, meaning it passed! The filter was installed back in the truck and back to work! I will definitely be sending The DPF Company more filters and highly recommend them to anyone needing a fast turn around with excellent results!” – Curt Ball


“I am the shop manager at a fleet trucking company. We have sent in two DPFs so far to get their Gold clean. The element looks very clean, even the outside body is cleanup. Very professional service and easy online payment option. Friendly and helpful, we will using their services again in the future. Quick turn around from drop off to pick up, drop off at noon, next day ready to go in the morning.” – Jerry Loewen


Why Should You go for DPF Cleaning from The DPF Company?

DPF cleaning is a very worthwhile investment. Gold Service DPF restoration from The DPF Company will only cost you $459, and can save you from needless expenditures in the future.


In fact, equipment downtime this past summer cost our customer $9,000 (that’s only the cost of the replacement DPF, this does not include lost production time and other expenses that goes with unplanned downtime).


Adding DPF cleaning to your preventative maintenance program this winter with The DPF Company will be peace of mind for you this coming summer and minimize breakdowns and unnecessary costs. Our advanced DPF cleaning processes give engines the push they require for optimal performance.