Add DPF Restoration to Your Winter Preventative Maintenance for Fleets


Winter Fleet Maintenance and Preventative Measures


As winter approaches, it is crucial for businesses with heavy equipment fleets to prioritize repairs and maintenance work.

Preventative maintenance ensures your fleet is ready to operate efficiently during the busy season. This involves oil and filter changes, greasing the chassis, and inspecting manual components to prevent premature wear.

A comprehensive preventative maintenance program demands proactive equipment repairs to avoid downtime, especially during critical periods. For instance, the inclusion of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning in the program is strongly recommended to prevent unexpected breakdowns during field operations.


Costs of Unexpected Equipment Downtime

The cost of unexpected equipment downtime during the busy season are substantial, as well as avoidable replacement DPF filters.

Implementing a winter maintenance program, which includes DPF cleaning, becomes an essential strategy to mitigate these unforeseen costs.

And remember, you only pay at The DPF Company when it passes.


DPF Cleaning as a Vital Component of Winter Preventative Maintenance

DPF technology, a critical component of the aftertreatment system. Lack of proper maintenance can damage the DPF filter, leading to reduced fuel efficiency and overall engine performance. DPF replacement is expensive, making preventative maintenance, including DPF cleaning or restoration, a cost-effective winter solution.

Cleaning the DPF and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) during scheduled maintenance in winter prepares the fleet for a smooth and efficient summer season.

Ultrasonic DPF restoration such as the Gold Service offered by The DPF Company, ensure filters are restored to 98% of original equipment specifications.

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) can be cleaned with Silver Service, which restores filters to 85% of OEM.


Why Choose The DPF Company for DPF Cleaning

The proprietary restoration, including ultrasonic DPF cleaning, method from The DPF Company provides a 12-month warranty and a guaranteed clean, surpassing traditional blast and bake methods.

You can ask for pickup or delivery to be included in your DPF restoration or cleaning cost.

You only pay for restoration or cleaning when your filter passes.

You get a detailed report that is yours to keep for every filter we process. 

Want to see for yourself? You can watch this 1 minute video to see how our DPF restoration program works.


Investment in DPF Cleaning for Long-Term Savings

DPF cleaning is a worthwhile investment, with The DPF Company offering Gold Service DPF restoration at a reasonable cost.

You can see your total costs for different cleaning methods.

Including DPF cleaning in the winter preventative maintenance program with The DPF Company provides peace of mind for the upcoming summer, minimizing breakdowns and associated costs. The advanced DPF cleaning processes offered by The DPF Company ensure engines are optimized for peak performance, reinforcing the importance of preventative maintenance in the world of heavy equipment fleets.

Investing in preventative maintenance is the best way to keep a minor issue from becoming a major problem.


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