We clean and restore all DPFs.

State of the Art Ultrasonic Service

Our superior cleaning process restores components to OE specifications; guaranteeing better fuel economy and more useful life from every DPF filter.

Our proven Ultrasonic cleaning method utilizes proprietary high frequency sound waves at millions of impulses per second to break down the built-up soot and ash. Our specially formulated solution flushes particles away and keeps them from adhering back to the cell walls. The DPF Company offers superior DPF cleaning services as an alternative to costly OEM replacements.

Ultrasonic DPF cleaning is the only proven method for thoroughly cleaning every cell in the DPF to like new condition. This superior cleaning restores the components to OE specifications, which guarantees better fuel economy and more useful life from every DPF filter. The DPF Company cleaning system reduces costs by extending the useful life of your filters, and offers each operator a no-hassle, industry leading one year performance guarantee.

About Us

Established in 2019 and headquartered in Manitoba’s capital Winnipeg, The DPF Company specializes in the provision of industry leading DPF & After-treatment Restoration services for all types of cars, trucks, mining equipment and industrial machinery. Additionally, we sell new DPF units and Aftertreatment components (Bungs, Clamps, Gaskets, Sensors, OneBox) and provide advanced additives that improve performance and reduce emissions.

Our business model is built on the notion that DPF filters and After-Treatment components have a much longer operational life than projected. We have proven this fact repeatedly over the years by employing reasonably priced cutting edge restoration techniques to renew thousands of parts to factory-like condition. Our time-tested approach has saved truckers and fleet operators across Canada tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

The DPF Company grew rapidly across Canada to assume a wide geographic presence in eight locations throughout the country. We currently operate at Winnipeg (MB), Mississauga – Ottawa (ON), Montréal (QC), Calgary – Edmonton – Red Deer (AB) and Abbotsford (BC).

Our swift rise to prominence is attributable to a customer centric approach that puts the onus on Quality, Transparency and Aftersales Service. Dozens of clients across Canada bear witness to our pledge to keep their machinery operating smoothly and cost-efficiently under harsh conditions using industry leading practices and cutting edge products and services.