"This is a company that puts service at the forefront."

The DPF Company serviced Canadian National Railway, North America's Leading Transportation and Logistics Company transporting goods across 20,000 route-miles of tracks in Canada and mid-America.
Always friendly and top rate cleaning services on many different exhaust type filters. Coming from a fleet garage, having fast service is of the essence... highly recommend! Keith Schaan, Canadian National Railway


How We Clean Aftertreatment Filters - DPF's, DOC's, EGR's & SCR's
DPF Shortages In The Automotive Industry
Why is it important to clean a DPF and DOC at the same time
DPF Cleaning - Guaranteed Clean with Gold Service
Ford F550 Aftertreatment System Restoration
Gold Tier Hypersonic Filter Cleaning
DOC Cleaning - Before & After
Save $$$ By Extending Your Filter Life-Cycle With Regeneration


Jan and his team have done outstanding service to keep our customers on the road, whether it is a clean done in a timely manner or sourcing parts to get the trucks back on the road. Even working weekends to deliver the DPF and DOC back. Thanks for Jan and his team in Calgary for keeping our customers happy." Steward Dickson
I'm up half mile per gallon, runs way better, a lot less soot, very quiet and more power. Easy pays for itself.
We appreciate and love your service!
You have a great team, stellar work! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient! Thank you DPF, we will certainly be a repeat customer should we have a need!