Restoring components to OE specifications.

Our cleaning process offers better fuel economy and more useful life from every DPF. Get in touch, and we'll help you get your DPF to like-new condition.

Our services include:

Complete DPF Restoration
SCR Catalyst Cleaning
DOC Catalyst Cleaning
EGR Cooler Cleaning
EGR Valve Cleaning
1 Box Services
Intake Manifold Cleaning

Find a plan that's right for you.

  • Bronze Service


    • Air Knife
    • Advanced Regeneration
    • 3-month Warranty
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  • Gold Service


    • Air Knife
    • Advanced Regeneration
    • Solution Flush
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • 1-Year Guarantee Promise
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  • Silver Service


    • Air Knife
    • Advanced Regeneration
    • Solution Flush
    • 6-Month Warranty
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If we can't clean your DPF, you don't pay.

We take pride in offering a unique guarantee: if we can't clean your DPF filter, you don't pay. With our expert team and state-of-the-art technology, we're confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results every time.

At The DPF Company, we ensure a guaranteed restoration level that sets us apart. If your DPF filter can't be cleaned by us, we don't charge you a dime. We offer a complete report at the end if the filter fails the cleaning.

With cleaner DPF filters comes a host of benefits, including:

  • improved fuel efficiency
  • reduced regens
  • less downtime
  • and an extended lifespan for your filters

Trust The DPF Company for reliable and cost-effective filter cleaning solutions that keep your fleet running at its best. Looking for your nearest DPF Company location?