Max Mileage

Max Mileage

Fuel Borne Catalyst

Available in

1/2 Gallon 1 Gallon 5 Gallons 55 Gallons

$339 / gallon

Max Mileage is not a replacement for all filter cleaning, however it should reduce the frequency of cleaning required.

Now with Winterized Max Mileage!

$235 / gallon

Available in 1 Gallon

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Better Results

Max Mileage fuel borne catalyst increases the thermal efficiency of any engine by an average of 10%. It accelerates the burn rate of diesel molecules so that more BTU's of heat are released earlier during the power stroke instead of being wasted as soot and high exhaust gas temperature.

Burn Soot

Once Max Mileage has entered the exhaust system, the catalyst will continue to work by burning soot at a much lower temperature, 750 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 1000 degrees (the normal ignition temperature for soot).

New Technology

The Max Mileage proprietary mixture is supplemented with a fuel injector cleaner that removes fuel injector coking deposits and prevents new deposits from forming. This is critical to maintaining factory-rated fuel economy by ensuring optimal fuel "atomization" and fuel injector spray patterns in the cylinder.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Decreases soot emissions by 60%
  • DEF usage decreased
  • Fewer DPF regens
  • Maximize fuel economy (results may vary)
  • Extends engine life
  • Prevents fuel injector deposits
  • Lower EGT (exhaust gas temperature)
  • Smoother, quieter running engine
  • Standard Max Mileage = 1 ounce per 25 gallons of fuel
  • Winterized Max Mileage = 2 ounces per 25 gallons of fuel
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"Fuel mileage is up half a mile per gallon, runs way better, a lot less soot and very quiet more power. Easily pays for itself"

"Cuts down on smoke for my 5.9 Cummins not sure if it help with fuel mileage but our 3 litŕe gas is getting better mileage"

"I have been using Max Milage for almost 2 years now and have seen excellent returns for my investment . I run an 07 series 60 Detroit with 2.8 million kms never been rebuilt, with the catalyst it has regained some of my lost horsepower and my main concern was soot now I do not get a soot shower when starting up and black smoke is gone. Recently I did my emission test for plate renewal my results were actually lower than my previous test. I have recommended max milage to friends with older trucks to try it's nice to see a product that actually does what they promote it's use for. After a couple gallons you can feel the difference in performance and the sound of your engine."

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