Blast & Bake DPF Cleaning vs. Ultrasonic DPF Cleaning

An active DPF

DPFs are commonly found across most diesel engines today. Since initial development, DPF technology has come a long way to offer better functionality in engines.


With different equipment categories and engine variants, there are some basic differences across DPF varieties used in light, medium and heavy duty as well as off-highway, highway, agriculture, PowerGen and forestry equipment. However, despite these differences in vehicle type, the functionality of the DPFs remains the same.


The DPF filter is an expensive component that plays an integral role in the overall health of your engine. With time, your DPF can become clogged and cause problems if it is not addressed quickly. Some issues that you may see occur are with with fuel consumptions, downtime due to lack of maintenance and warning lights requiring immediate action.


Depending on the severity and complex nature of the problem, some professionals may ask you to remove the DPF and replace it. However, a replacement can be expensive and we don’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary.


Why should I clean my DPF?

Because there is a very effective and results proven DPF cleaning service available in the market today.

DPF Cleaning methods

In this article, we differentiate between the traditional blast and bake DPF cleaning method and the more contemporary Ultrasonic DPF restoration method. Both of these services are provided by The DPF Company, however we believe in giving superior service to users.


Understanding the Difference

Blast or bake


Have you been told by experts that your DPF filter cannot be cleaned? Have you tried the traditional blast and bake method without much luck and efficiency? Is your diesel-powered engine slowly losing its feel and going sluggish? Well, you are reading the right article then.

Blast and bake DPF cleaning processes have served their purpose for a number of years but, with innovation and progression in time, these processes have been replaced with a superior ultrasonic DPF restoration service. The new and redesigned cleaning method of ultrasonic restoration can help restore your DPF to 98% of it’s original condition.

Customers that have used the blast and bake DPF cleaning methods were unsatisfied with the quality of the work done and required new alternatives. This is where the solution of ultrasonic comes into place.

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Traditional blast and bake cleaning methods are made up of 2 steps:

  1. Air Knife
  2. Baking Process

Ultrasonic DPF restoration cleaning, on the contrary, combines the two processes above and complements them with two more important steps giving you a complete DPF restoration (also includes warranty).

The processes included within the ultrasonic DPF restoration cleaning, along with a brief overview, are mentioned below:

  • Air Knife: Removes loose debris from filters
  • Ultrasonics: Breaks down any hardened or packed debris in the filter
  • Solution Flush: Flushes out any loosened debris, soot and ash
  • Advanced Baking: Controlled regen making any soot or debris left in the filter into ash


It is highly recommended that our ultrasonic DPF restoration is a huge step forward on blast and bake cleaning and offers better return for your money.