Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration - Know the Optimal Solution

A Mercedes DPF being cleaned and restored

Is there a DPF regeneration warning light on your dashboard indicating you need to do a diesel particulate filter regen? The first thing to do is refer to the manufacturer’s handbook and find the engine’s maintenance guidelines for your particular vehicle make and model



While there are several ways to perform DPF regeneration, the most common methods to handle this situation are ‘Active Regen’ and ‘Parked Regen.’



When the DPF light is flashing on your dashboard indicator, it means the regen must be done immediately while the vehicle is parked. On the contrary, if there is a solid light, it means you have the option to perform either active regen or parked regen and it needs to be done very soon.



Still Facing Problems?


Is your vehicle still causing you issues even after you have performed a DPF regen? Do you feel like it has not been performing well, and there’s a lack of engine power that wasn’t there before? Don’t give up yet because it might just be that your diesel particulate filter needs to be cleaned!



While it is suggested to do a DPF regeneration regularly (refer to your owners manual for manufacturers suggested intervals), it is still recommended to get your diesel particulate filter professionally inspected from time to time to ensure its optimal performance.


The DPF Company - Providing an Optimal Solution!


If you’re looking for the ultimate solution to all your diesel particulate filter problems, The DPF Company has got you covered. 



Instead of replacing your DPF that costs thousands of dollars, bring us your filter to us for a thorough inspection, cleaning, re-inspection and report summarizing your DPF’s current condition. We will provide you with a lasting alternate solution without breaking the bank!


1- Free Consultation

At The DPF Company, we perform a visual inspection on your diesel particulate filter free of charge and document the filter condition.


2- 98% DPM Reduction

If your diesel particulate is in a restorable condition, we provide our DPF cleaning service, restoring your filter back to 98% of OE specifications (using our Gold Service)! Once your diesel particulate filter has gone through our DPF regeneration process, it is restored to like new condition.


If your filter cannot be restored for some reason, you don’t have to pay – this is a guaranteed service we offer.



3- One-Year Warranty

Our Gold Service comes with a one-year warranty. So, if there’s an issue that arises with your diesel particulate filter after we have serviced it with our Gold Service, you can come back to us, and we will be happy to reclean your DPF at no charge.


4- 24-Hour Turnaround Service

Moreover, we offer a 24-hour turnaround service to our customers as well as pick-up and delivery from your location for your convenience.