DPF Restoration – Extend service intervals on your diesel emissions system

A semi-truck with a DPF driving along the highway.

As a trucking fleet manager, your vehicles are your pride and joy. Understandably, you want to ensure your vehicles function as per the latest industry standards, starting with the maintenance of diesel particulate filters (DPF) crucial for practicing emission control. 

In recent times, emission control has become mandated by the law. Health experts and policymakers have noted that diesel-powered motor vehicles produce large amounts of soot, resulting in an increased risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. This observation has established the installation of DPFs in diesel-charged fleets as a requirement all industry personnel is expected to meet. 



DPFs separate soot particles from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. In so doing, they prevent deadly diesel emissions from being released into the air. However, while they are key players when it comes to protecting the environment, DPFs can be difficult to maintain as they often become clogged by the particles they trap and demand cleaning services that incur high costs. 



Costly DPF cleaning services frustrate truck owners to no end. Being heavily invested in unclogging their filters, these folks are devastated when confronted with another episode of a malfunctioning DPF. Often, the frustration is so intense that truck service managers rid their vehicles of emission control systems entirely or complain upon discovering their DPF has been labeled as defunct and in need of replacements.



Tackling DPF-related matters for several years effectively, The DPF Company understands the turmoil faced by truck owners being crushed under the weight of repeated expenditure on DPF replacements. Noticing the plight of these folks, we have come up with state-of-the-art DPF restoration services that breathe new life into the same filters deemed as no good. 



Our restoration technology employs a 4-step restoration process that includes the air knife and baking DPF cleaning. It is elevated by our groundbreaking ultrasonic cleaning technique coupled with an aqueous flush that reduces downtime and gives you access to affordable emission maintenance systems in no time. It also guarantees that every part of your DPF functions in line with OE specifications and gives you a one-year performance warranty. 



Of course, not all DPFs can be salvaged, and when a replacement is the only way to save your emissions control system, we do provide new filters for it. However, our DPF restoration services offer you an opportunity to re-invigorate an underperforming DPF before you throw in the towel and spend huge amounts in finding replacements. Our ideology is that every truck owner should get the maximum use out of their DPF, and we work to ensure that this milestone is accomplished!

The four steps involved in the Ultrasonic Restoration Method.