How a Clogged DPF Filter Negatively Affects Your Business

First of all, let's start by understanding the basics.


What does a DPF do?

A DPF (diesel particulate filter) plays a critical role in cleaning diesel exhaust before it gets to the tailpipe, which reduces particulate matter (PM) emissions. The DPF collects and stores up to 98% of incombustible particles in the form of ash and soot as the fuel burns.


As the soot and ash start to accumulate, the engine starts a process of using extremely high temperatures to burn off the collected particles to regenerate the DPF. A process commonly known as Regeneration. This process requires incremental fuel use, which greatly decreases the overall fuel economy and often results in equipment downtime.


Metallic additives found in engine lubricants like anti-wear and detergents—often incombustible—contribute heavily to ash build–up in the DPF. 


In spite of regen cycles, this leads to eventual DPF clogging, resulting in increased service intervals, unnecessary downtime or expensive replacement.


What's the solution?

Our ultrasonic DPF filter cleaning restores all the components to OE specifications, ensuring better fuel economy and maximum use from every DPF filter. 

The DPF Company cleaning system lowers costs by extending the useful life of every filter and including a hassle-free, industry-leading one-year performance guarantee to each operator.


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