How to Restore Your DPF Filter to 98%

There is a way to restore your filter to 98% of its original condition with The DPF Company.


DPF’s are found on almost every diesel engine built since 2007. While there are some differences in DPF systems across highway, off-highway, construction, agriculture, PowerGen, forestry equipment, etc., the essential DPF filter is very similar.


Is your DPF causing:

  • Problems?   
  • Issues?   
  • Downtime?   
  • Warning lights? 

Are you being told you need to replace it? The DPF Company can restore your DPF filter to 98% of its original condition.


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The DPF Company uses state of the art technology to clean almost every type of particulate filter. This includes not only cars but trucks - light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as school buses and any type of off-road equipment that has a diesel particulate filter. 


The DPF Company has the right equipment to effectively clean any make and configuration of diesel particulate filter. 

After testing the flow rate through the DPF filter, the filter is cleaned through multiple steps including an ultrasonic tank, flushing and kiln drying.


This system has proven to be able to restore filters that other cleaning service centers with traditional bake and air blast systems have deemed irrecoverable. 


Why replace when you can restore?