DPF Shortage? Here's how to get the filters you need


In 2018, the Canadian trucking industry generated almost 39.55 billion dollars. That was roughly 11% of all revenue generated in Canada in 2018. Truckers have lots of different responsibilities, including transporting food across the country, stocking stores with consumables and supporting the global supply chain. Being in the driver’s seat, you know the truck can’t run with an aftertreatment system without a functioning DPF.


How does cleaning filters save money?

You should know that when your truck’s filters are blocked, it won’t run. Buying a brand-new filter is typically out of the questions as well, with costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If the rights steps are taken for preventative maintenance, you shouldn’t have any issues with your aftertreatment system. With a 24-hour turnaround, you can get your filter ultrasonically cleaned, bringing it back to 98% of the original OEM specifications. Scheduling maintenance will allow you to keep your truck on the road when you need it the most, maximizing your profitability.


Need a quick turnaround?

If you don’t have time to wait for your filters to be cleaned, it can be beneficial to keep a spare filter available. The most common solution is keeping cleaned filters in stock on the shelf, allowing you to take advantage of the price savings of the filter cleaning, while having a spare set available allows you to keep your truck on the road. Our reman program will take your filters, clean them, and can put them back into your stock. You can also purchase filters that have been restored on many of the popular on road filters, which are ready to go, at large savings compared to new filters.


New filters are also an option.

Our aftermarket DPF’s come with up to a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. There are some things that can happen to a DPF upstream of the filter that can cause it to be too damaged to be cleaned. A filter cannot be cleaned if:

  • The substrate is cracked or broken. Soot would just pass through the filter and out of the tail pipe.
  • The filter is oil soaked and cannot be safely restored
  • The outer can (casing) of the filter has rusted through too much, ruining the structural integrity of the filter.

After inspection, our technicians determine the filter is not cleanable, and our team will gladly assist you in sourcing a replacement filter to getting your truck back up and running as soon as possible. When sourcing an aftermarket filter, please have the OEM number ready before you call. It will speed up the process for our inside sales team members.


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