Remanufactured DPF Filters - Are they better than a cleaned DPF?

In truth, a re-manufactured filter is a filter that has been cleaned. 


How clean, do you know?

We will restore your DPF filter up to 98%, with a report showing you before and after results and this Gold Service comes with 1 year warranty!

So, what is better pay off for you? Ask us how many thousand dollars you can save on restoration vs remanufactured.

- Reman filter - $$$

 A Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF).

Re-manufactured, or commonly know as ‘Reman’, DPF filters are often offered at a substantially lower price than new filters and can sometimes lead people into thinking that they are receiving new components inside an original canister. However, the filter substrate is 95% of the whole filter and if you replace it, you may as well have a new filter.


Here, at The DPF Company we believe that our ‘Gold’ service is the only way to properly restore/remanufacture a filter to as good as its original condition. 


'Gold' service includes blowing out the loose ash, breaking down the impacted residue in an ultrasonic tank, flushing the filter to clean out all built up material and finally kiln drying the filter.


Other traditional DPF filter cleaning services will leave DPF’s as little as 50-60% clean, this ‘Gold’ service will restore the filter to 98% of its original condition.


If you have a functioning DPF filter (even if it is plugged), speak to The DPF Company today before you consider an expensive ‘Reman’ DPF filter. 


This ‘Reman’ DPF may not be as clean as we can get your existing filter.