The DPF Company – A Professional Service for DPF Maintenance!

A clean Diesel Particulate Filter

Regular DPF cleaning and maintenance is an essential step to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Why Do DPFs Require Maintenance?


While DPFs are designed to be self-cleaning, several factors can prevent this process from working adequately. For example, city driving which means low-speed trips with stop-start traffic allows the dirt and soot particles to accumulate in the filter. Often, a vehicle that is only doing city driving will need to perform a forced regen on their vehicle to burn out the soot that has gathered in the DPF.


To better understand a DPF self-cleaning mechanism, think of it like an air filter or an oil filter on your vehicle - when you don’t clean them or replace them from time to time , it drastically reduces the performance of the vehicle.

The Importance of DPF Cleaning


While some are choosing DPF removal and delete kits, we strongly recommend our clients not to take this route for two reasons – it’s against the law in some areas (laws vary from region to region) and when it comes time to resell, it will be necessary to have a DPF on the vehicle. 


The best way to ensure a properly functioning DPF is to have it cleaned and restored regularly using professional service experts in the field who are using an ultrasonic restoration process – check out our Ultrasonic Gold Service Restoration.

Preventative Maintenance


One thing to consider would be adding DPF cleaning to the current preventative maintenance plan. Why not take the extra time and effort to make sure the vehicle is in top notch condition for the next trip?


The cost of one tow would most likely be more than the cost to have your DPF filters cleaned and restored while in for preventative maintenance.


The DPF Company - A Professional Service to Rely Upon


Here are a few reasons why The DPF Company is a service you can rely upon for your DPF cleaning and regular maintenance:


1- 24-Hour DPF Restoration Service

At The DPF Company, we perform a visual inspection on your diesel particulate filter free of charge and document the filter condition.


2- Professional and Prompt Customer Service

Our experts are ready to take your call and will provide you with professional, friendly and prompt service.


3- Pick-Up and Delivery to Your Location

We will pick up and deliver your diesel particulate filters from and to your location, so you don’t have to make any additional trips for the DPF maintenance.