Global Shortage of DEF Fluid and The DPF Company Solution

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DEF or diesel exhaust fluid is a solution manufactured mostly in Asia and Europe. The fluid is a part of Tier 4 after-treatment exhaust system.

DEF fluid is also known as an urea solution and is used in diesel truck engines to reduce the emission of nitrous oxide. The diesel exhaust fluid is sprayed over the exhaust system of all diesel engines to end harmful emissions and turn them into more manageable forms of nitrogen and water.

In this article, we take a look at the importance of DEF and how a shortage of this fuel is impacting diesel engine maintenance over the globe. Stay with us to find a suggested solution on how to maximize the use of the DEF fluid.

Importance of DEF

Almost all trucks that come with diesel engines require an exhaust gas cleaner to regulate the flow of harmful gasses. Many countries have made the use of DEF mandatory for all diesel engines on the roads.

Since DEF is integral to diesel-powered vehicles, the trucking industry as a whole depends on the solution for smooth operations. Any shortage of the fluid would lead to natural constraints in the trucking industry, with long-lasting impacts on logistics over the globe. With the pandemic still a major force to reckon, the global freight industry could suffer extensively due to a possible shortage.


Shortage of DEF

The world is going through a global freight crisis, as there is a shortage of DEF fluid almost all over the globe. Trade wars between China and Australia have meant that China has stopped the production of DEF due to a shortage of coal in the manufacturing line. China imports coal from Australia, which is used in the manufacturing of DEF. However, China and Australia haven’t been trading as frequently due to trade wars.

The DEF crisis is expected to worsen over time and could spread across the globe causing freight providers to look for a reliable or alternative solution.

The DPF Company Solution

The DPF Company has one suggestion for our customers on how to maximize the DEF fluid that they do have available.

Use Max Mileage

Max Mileage

The Max Mileage fuel borne catalyst solution will accelerate the burning process of diesel so that higher temperatures of heat are released during the initial strokes.

The initial release of thermal energy will ensure that emissions with soot are reduced by approx. 60%. With this happening, less soot is released, which eventually increases the mileage of your DEF.

Call The DPF Company today to discuss how our Max Mileage solution can help you and your fleet effectively manage the shortage of DEF fluid.


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