Traditional vs Ultrasonic: What's the Difference?

Traditional DPF filter cleaning has served its purpose for a number of years now but our latest ultrasonic DPF restoration service takes your DPF filter to a whole new level. 



Have you been told your DPF cannot be cleaned? 


Have you tried the traditional DPF cleaning and it's simply not effective enough?


Does your diesel powered unit feel sluggish or is it low on power? 



This can all be fixed when an ultrasonic DPF cleaning and restoration method is used on your DPF.  Maybe your thinking - right, ok and how much does this cost?  The answer: a fraction of the cost of a new DPF. 


Find out how much it costs


Up to this point, it may have been a case of using traditional DPF cleaning methods as much as possible and when that failed, there was no choice but to go with a new DPF. These days are over!  We are introducing the best DPF cleaning and restoration service in Winnipeg!


Traditional Cleaning Method

1. Air Knife

2. Baking Process


Ultrasonic Restoration Method

1. Air Knife

2. Ultrasonic

3. Solution Flush

4. Baking Process

 Images showcasing the four steps to DPF cleaning in the Ultrasonic Restoration Method.

Traditional air knife and baking DPF cleaning process was introduced to the industry in 2007 and what has been found since is that this process can platinum deterioration, internal melting or internal cracking of the DPF (diesel particulate filter) which results in premature DPF failures and SCR catalyst efficiency default codes. This can result in high costs for diagnostics and repairs. 



None of us like downtime or unexpected failures so it is important to properly clean and maintain after treatment systems that are equipped with DEF fluid to avoid SCR catalyst replacements. 



What's the solution?

Our ultrasonic DPF filter cleaning restores all the components to OE specifications, ensuring better fuel economy and maximum use from every DPF filter. 


The DPF Company cleaning system lowers costs by extending the useful life of every filter and including a hassle-free, industry-leading one-year performance guarantee to each operator.