Fuel injectors, DEF dosers, and pumps

Injectors & Fuel Pumps

Fuel injectors are high-performing parts that fit perfectly to OEM standards. The DPF Company now provides Canadian-manufactured injectors and fuel pumps.

Key Features

1-year no nonsense warranty

At The DPF Company, we stand behind our work with a no-nonsense 1-year warranty. We guarantee the quality of our services, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction with our workmanship.

As little as a 1-day turnaround

We prioritize efficiency with turnaround times as quick as just 1 day. Get your equipment back on track swiftly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity with our expedited service.

What are Injectors?

If you run diesel engines, you’re familiar with fuel injectors. These crucial diesel parts deliver a controlled amount of fuel into the combustion chamber of each cylinder at the right time. Any deviation from the optimal fuel delivery can affect engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions. Regular maintenance and cleaning of injectors are essential to ensure they are functioning and to prevent issues such as clogging or uneven fuel distribution.

Your diesel fuel pump ensures that the right amount of diesel fuel is supplied to each cylinder for combustion, so as you’re aware, diesel fuel pumps are essential to the proper operation of a diesel engine. Regular maintenance, including fuel filter replacement and using clean and high-quality diesel fuel, is essential to prevent issues with the fuel pump and ensure the longevity and efficiency of your diesel engine. Issues with the fuel pump can lead to symptoms like poor engine performance, hard starting, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased emissions.

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Optimized performance

These fuel injectors are a testament to precision engineering, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship for precise fuel delivery and efficient combustion. Experience significant fuel savings, thanks to their precision and efficiency, promoting enhanced fuel economy. Crafted with quality materials, our injectors guarantee durability and a longer lifespan.

Contribute to environmental sustainability with cleaner combustion and reduced emissions. With an adaptable design, they are versatile and compatible with various engine types, making them a reliable choice for optimal performance.