Can Ultrasonic Cleaning save you money?

Are you tired of hearing that your diesel particulate filter has failed, and you're on the hook for a hefty bill to “clean” or replace it?


The DPF Company: Your DPF Restoration Leaders

The Challenge: DPF Failures and DPF “cleaning”

For many diesel vehicle owners, the dreaded DPF failure is an all-too-familiar headache. When your DPF clogs up with soot and other particulate matter, it can lead to reduced engine performance, increased emissions, and a significant dent in your wallet. Traditional solutions often involve costly DPF cleaning attempts or even full filter replacements, leaving you with a hefty bill to foot.


The Solution: DPF Cleaning and Restoration at The DPF Company

If you keep sending your DPF in to be “cleaned” and come away with frustration and financial strain that DPF issues can cause, you can get it restored instead. And while diesel particulate filter failures are rare at the DPF company, you only pay for successful restorations.


Why Choose The DPF Company?

Pay Only for Success:

You only pay when your successfully restored DPF is returned to you.

You get a three year warranty with most DPF replacement quotes from The DPF Company, and lead times are typically 1 – 3 days for replacements.

There is no charge for any DPF cleaning or restoration services to you unless you get a successful DPF cleaning or restoration.


Extensive Testing of your DPF filter

Your filter gets a light test, pin test and flow test.

If the filter fails any of these tests it can be returned to you with your complimentary report and DPF replacement quote.

Some DPF filters are so dirty that the failure only shows up after it has been through some of the DPF cleaning stages.*


You still only pay for successful DPF cleaning or restoration.

* You can often avoid premature failure with preventative maintenance for your diesel particulate filter.


Save Money:

Our ultrasonic cleaning and restoration service is a budget-friendly alternative that can save you a significant amount of money.

Because of our consistent 4-step restoration process including ultrasonic cleaning, you get more filters unplugged with The DPF Company’s Gold service.

If a filter is broken or cracked when we receive it and must be replaced, you will still receive a complimentary report, and a replacement cost, often with delivery within 24 hours.

You only pay for successful restorations.


Money Back Guarantee:

Our guarantees ensure that you're protected.

If your DPF fails within the guarantee period you can bring it back for a complimentary clean, or you can get a refund for the DPF cleaning or restoration cost.

Your investment is protected with the guarantee of your choice – check out the different options.

No questions asked – only pay if it passes!


Detailed Reporting:

You receive a report showing the condition of your DPF when you gave it to us, and after restoration, so you know exactly what you're getting.

If your diesel particulate filter is cracked, oil-saturated, burnt, or broken, you still get a complimentary report, and a cost for replacement.



Schedule a pickup, or drop off your DPF, and you can get your DPF cleaning results within 24 hours.


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