DPF Shortage: An Abundance in Disguise


The automotive industry is in the midst of a sea change, treading uncharted territory for the better part of the past few years. Covid issues and geopolitical tensions have caused severe supply chain disruptions that forced consumers, dealerships and companies alike to upend expectations, abandon long held practices and resort to novel yet costly measures to achieve their goals. As is the case in such economically and financially turbulent times, paying extra isn’t always a guarantee to get what you need.

If a component or part is not available, no amount of money can deliver it to your doorstep!


Turning DPF Shortage into Abundance

Such a reality is predominantly prevalent in the DPF filter market, which is currently experiencing a lack of DPF units and components exacerbated by labor shortage. The DPF Company expects these problems to continue in the foreseeable future due to a predominantly challenging and risky global environment aggravated by a dearth of mitigating factors. Such a reality has put vehicles out of commission and forced others to put up with clogged DPFs that hurt engine performance and fuel consumption. Both cases continue to prove painfully costly to fleet operators and individual customers alike, while hurting the revenue base of dealerships and DPF manufacturers.

Despite that, The DPF Company is convinced there is an actual Abundance, rather than shortage, in the supply of new DPF parts and components in the market, as you can simply restore your used DPF to its original state without the need to purchase a new one. How? By cleaning your DPF filter. That brings us to the topic of How to clean your DPF.

Quite simply, all you need to do is send your existing DPF filter for restoration, preferably to the most trusted company in the DPF Cleaning Business across Canada, namely The DPF Company.


A Pioneering DPF Restoration process

Our pioneering Gold Service DPF Restoration service restores your DPF filter to its original like-new condition in just 24 hours for a fraction of the cost of a new DPF filter in a Simple & Quick process. It involves our signature Ultrasonic Cleaning, in addition to Solution Flush, Advanced Regeneration and Air Knife. The Gold Service DPF Restoration starts at $479 and transforms your DPF filter to a practically new one handed back to you in just 24 hours with a detailed “Before & After Cleaning Report”, backed by our renowned 12 Month Warranty and 98% Cleaning Guarantee.



A before and after of a BMW X5 DPF filter
A before and after of a Jeep DPF filter



All you need to do is call our customer service team at 800-778-0125 requesting a DPF filter restoration pick-up. Soon afterwards, a driver will be dispatched to pick up your DPF filters. The DPF is Gold Cleaned and restored to Like-New condition. 24 Hours later the DPF filters are delivered back to you!


Judging from our communications with automotive dealerships and based on the sharp increase in the amount of DPFs we continue to receive for restoration at our workshops across Canada, we can definitely sense better awareness of the viability of proper DPF filter cleaning as a worthwhile and sustainable alternative to costly purchases of new DPF components.

It’s about time we meet limited resources with unlimited solutions!


Get your DPF Gold Cleaned & Restored to its original condition by the Authority in the DPF Business.
For a Fraction of the Cost of a New One


Gold Clean & Restore your DPF Today!