Improve your diesel engine efficiency and reduce operating costs with Max Mileage

The trucking industry is constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency while minimizing costs. Fortunately, technology has provided valuable headways in that regard, including the use of fuel-borne catalysts (FBCs) to enhance the diesel particulate filters (DPF) function and improve soot loading and combustion in both semi-trucks and transport trucks.

There are several fuel-borne catalysts out there from different manufacturers. While this means having more options, it also makes it challenging for truckers and fleet owners to choose the best diesel combustion improver for their on-road and off-road diesel vehicles and equipment.



Introducing the #1 Fuel Borne Catalyst

If you are in the market for a fuel catalyst for your diesel vehicles and equipment with DPFs, then you should strongly consider Max Mileage. Max Mileage is a cost-effective and efficient fuel-borne catalyst made for the aftermarket. It primarily regenerates diesel particulate filters (DPFs) while reducing emissions and improving fuel economy.

MaxMileage is manufactured by Pittsburgh Power, a reputable American company that specializes in improving the performance of modern diesel engines.



Why choose Max Mileage Fuel Catalyst?

The Max Mileage ticks all the essential boxes for a highly-reliable fuel catalyst, which is why it is popular among fleet owners in Canada.

Improved Results Guaranteed: Max Mileage helps you get more out of your diesel engine by increasing the thermal efficiency by up to 10% and accelerating the burn rate of diesel molecules. It also regenerates diesel particulate filters to allow their operation in different applications.

Newer, Innovative Technology: There is also a fuel injector cleaner in the Max Mileage fuel catalyst, which removes the coking deposits and ensures new deposits are not formed. This increases fuel economy, especially in medium and heavy-duty diesel engines, leading to considerable diesel fuel savings.

Safer Environment: The increased engine performance and efficiency you get from the Max Mileage fuel catalyst help reduce soot and other engine-out emissions by 60%. This is one major way of contributing to the fight against global warming and better air quality while lowering operating risks and costs.



Best Quality Max Mileage For Your Semi-Trucks And Transport Trucks

Shopping for the best quality Max Mileage products can be a bit of a hassle for most truck owners. But not to worry, the DPF Company is here to save the day!

The DPF Company specializes in providing industry-leading DPF products and after-treatment restoration services for vehicles, trucks, mining equipment, and industrial machinery. As one of the biggest distributors of Max Mileage in the country, with stores in seven locations across Canada, we bring the #1 fuel-borne catalyst closer to you.

Wherever you are in Canada, you can walk into any of our stores in Abbotsford, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Mississauga, and Montreal to get your Max Mileage fuel catalyst supply. It is available in ½-gallon, 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 55-gallon sizes.

Think Max Mileage fuel catalyst Canada; think The DPF Company.