Restoring Filters That Have Become Plugged With Engine Coolant Deposits

There is only one proven method for thoroughly cleaning every cell in the DPF to like-new condition.

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Ultrasonic DPF cleaning restores all the components to OE specifications, ensuring better fuel economy and maximum use from every DPF filter. The DPF Company cleaning system lowers costs by extending the useful life of every filter and including a hassle-free, industry-leading one-year performance guarantee to each operator. 


Our proprietary cleaning method uses high-frequency sound waves at millions of impulses per second. These impulses cause micro-miniature bubbles to break down soot and ash. Our specially formulated solution catches the contaminants and keeps them from sticking back to the cell walls, carrying all contaminants away from each cell. The DPF Company’s superior DPF cleaning service is a viable alternative to expensive OEM replacement. 


The DPF Company’s top-quality cleaning process restores all components to OE Specifications. This results in better fuel economy and a longer more useful life from every DPF Filter.