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DPF Shortage? Here's how to get the filters you need

  In 2018, the Canadian trucking industry generated almost 39.55 billion dollars. That was roughly 11% of all revenue generated in Canada in 2018. Truckers have lots of different responsibilities, including transporting food across the country, stocking stores with consumables and supporting the global supply chain. Being in the driver’s seat, you know the truck can’t run with an aftertreatment system without a functioning DPF.   How does cleaning filters save money? You should know that when your truck’s filters are blocked, it won’t run. Buying a brand-new filter is typically out of the questions as well, with costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If the rights steps are taken for preventative maintenance, you shouldn’t have any issues...

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Preventative Maintenance: How to save your money and your engine

Preventative maintenance is cheaper and lasts longer than buying new filters. To keep your SCR running smoothly, it needs to have a sufficient supply of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The catalyst must have enough DEF, or it is at risk of being ruined. The DPF Company will do everything we can to keep your diesel engine in working order. Investing in preventative maintenance is the best way to keep a minor issue from becoming a major problem.

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Global Shortage of DEF Fluid and The DPF Company Solution

The world is going through a global freight crisis, as there is a shortage of DEF fluid almost all over the globe. Trade wars between China and Australia have meant that China has stopped the production of DEF due to a shortage of coal in the manufacturing line. China imports coal from Australia, which is used in the manufacturing of DEF. However, China and Australia haven’t been trading as frequently due to trade wars.

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